PCNECM provides sales and marketing support to technology and industrial start-up companies that are in the early stages of growth. Our founder brings 35 years of Sales and General Management experience across a wide range of products. By optimizing the use of social media and internet tools we enable our customers to quickly identify the proper target markets to sell their products and services. Once our strategies have been successfully implemented we work with our customers to create an internal sales and marketing organization.

SAP Content Server

One of the advantages of using SAP is that it comes with a free Content Server Supported by SAP.  Most companies think that they need to purchase an expensive 3rd party Document Management Solution,  But the truth is that they don’t.  The SAP Content Server will not only meet but exceed most companies DMS requirments.   That is why Verbells has consultants dedicated to the installation and configuration of the SAP Content Server along with all the standard archiving scenarios.  Verbella also proides upgrades of, and Migrations to, the SAP Content Server.  The latest release of the SAP Content Server 7.53 was just released in Dec 2019

Content Migration

Migration to the SAP Content Server

For those customers that are tired of paying expensive yearly maintenance contracts or a costly new licenses purchases, the SAP Content Server is a real option.  Verbella Consultants can not only stand up your new content server, but with the VerbelaMigration Toolset, they can quickly copy over your documents from your existing content server to the new SAP Content Server.  The process is transparent to the end-users and is usually done in a few days.  The existing scanning scenarios will be replicated using ABBYY or Kofax

Certified ABBYY, Kofax and OpenText Consulting

As a Certified re-seller of ABBYY and Kofax Products, most of our solutions are built integrating with either one of these capture and OCR platforms.  Verbella not only consults, develops, and deploys both ABBYY and Kofax Solution but we also offer 1st level maintenance support, regardless who deployed the original Solution.

SAP Document Management

Dealing with paper or electonic documents has been and will continue to be an issue for companies that use SAP.  This is why for over 16 years, Verbella’s consulting foundation has been providing SAP Document Management consulting services to it’s customers.  Incoming paper documents, outgoing PDF documents, E-mails, SAP Printlists, Bar-code Scanning and archiving, Document Classificaiton and Data Extraction using Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Machine Learning (ML)  and RPA are just some of the areas that we have a consulting focus.


Not only do we provide sales and marketing experience, but here at PCNECM we create connections. Whether its us working directly with you or refeering you to one of our partners over at Verbella, we are here to build off the connections we make through our clients. Thanks to the small more personable size to our company you work directly with us to suit each individual need.